What is deadstock fabric?

What is deadstock fabric?

At Sorrentino Studios, the main materials used for garments have always been 100% premium deadstock.

But what is deadstock? And why is it the sustainable choice?

Deadstock fabric is basically any material that doesn’t have any more use in a company’s eyes – it could be out of date, it could be surplus to requirement, it could be out of style, but whatever the reason, the fabric is still perfectly useful and generally very high quality.

The issue with deadstock fabric is how companies dispose of it. In some extreme cases, fabric that has just gone “out of style” has been burned because it doesn’t have any immediate use. Sometimes it’s sent to landfill, and sometimes it’s shipped away – but in most cases, it’s not recycled or repurposed. And that’s the issue.

By utilising premium deadstock fabric at Sorrentino Studios, we’re giving new life to material that would’ve otherwise gone to waste. And what happens when we have excess material? We send it to Upparel, which is a company that recycles material into new fibres so it can have a new life.

You can learn more about Upparel at: https://upparel.com.au/

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