Get to know Bel

Get to know Bel

Bel Sorrentino’s design journey began when she was only five years old. Her mother walked in to Bel’s bedroom to find the budding young artist sitting on the floor surrounded by cut-up clothing.

When quizzed about what she was doing, Bel simply replied “I’m making my clothes look better”.

While the implementation of the idea may have needed some work, her aim to cut and sew her own clothes while she was still so young spoke volumes about Bel’s character.

From then until now, Bel has never wavered from her goal to create one-of-a-kind garments in her own studio.

During her final years of study, Bel chose to explore conceptual ideas relating to identity, form, movement, texture, and perception, all of which she still incorporates into her garments today. Her style juxtaposes opposing ideas; femininity and masculinity, strength and fragility, intricacy and simplicity, to create an aesthetic that is unique to her.

Bel utilised 2020's prolonged lockdowns to move on her made-to-order label, using the extended time at home to sew samples, pattern-make, problem-solve, plan, design, and create.



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